RAZE Rubber Kettlebells 4 – 32kg


The RAZE Cast Iron Kettlebells chose to cast in a single procedure which created a stronger, more durable kettlebell – the bell and handle are one piece, no welding.

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Kettlebells work a complete range of muscles as you swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards or from side to side. There are cardiovascular benefits also. All RAZE branded products are made to our own design and specifications after thorough product development and market research. This makes the most of the functional fitness equipment unique. The RAZE Rubber Kettlebells have an excellent finish which will help improve the user and will benefit the lift time of this product as well.


Sizes available for the RAZE Rubber Kettlebells :

  • 4kg
  • 6kg
  • 8kg
  • 12kg
  • 16kg
  • 20kg
  • 24kg
  • 28kg
  • 32kg

*Please note these Kettlebells are sold individually


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