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The Polar Loop Crystal Watch is a beautifully designed watch that has got crystals built in. This could be worn as a fashion accessory. But thanks to the technology Polar put into their watches this has multiple fitness features that will help you achieve all you goals. E.g. heart rate monitor or sleep tracking, this watch has it all.

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The Polar Loop Crystal is like a beautiful piece of jewellery with intelligence inside. This watch will monitor your daily activity levels, sleeping patterns, depth of sleep and even motivation you toward hitting all your fitness targets. The high end crystals have come from Swarovski.


The Polar Loop Crystal has been fitted with the Swarovski crystals to make it elegant and dazzling. With the watches tactile and flexible material fits comfortably on your wrist to motivates and drive you to achieve your fitness goals.

Years of research has led for Polar to come up with daily goals and target for you to do. These targets are personal and are based on more than just steps. The activity goal is set up using personal details and your current fitness levels and then what you want your fitness levels to be at in the future. The watch visually fills up throughout the day depending on how much exercise you have done and what intensity you have been working at.

The unique high technology in the Polar Loop Crystal Watch will be able to track 5 different intensity (Resting, Sitting, Low, Medium, High) and then assign your workout to one of these. Low to high levels of intensity will start to fill up the watch so you can easily track how active your day was.


Key features of the Polar Loop Crystal Watch

  • Tracks your steps and uses that data to calculate the distance you’ve traveled.
  • Reminds you with vibration to get up after 55 minutes of sitting and adds active breaks to your daily routines.
  • Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned. The individual algorithm is based on your personal data: weight, height, age, gender and the intensity of your physical activity.
  • Shows how active you’ve been during the day and gives practical guidance for reaching your daily activity goal. Breaks up your activities into five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high.
  • Automatically tracks your sleep time and quality. Check and learn more about your sleeping patterns in the Polar Flow web service and app.
  • Vibrates and notifies you about incoming calls, messages and calendar reminders.


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