Align-Pilates C1R Reformer


This machine has been used by some of the top athletes in the world to improve their core muscles and flexibility to make them even better. As well as this doing pilates will reduce the chance of you getting injured this goes for professional athletes and novice performers. The C1R Reformer is perfect for recovery as well. If you have been injured or have a recurring injury then this machine will help improve recovery time and reduce the chance of that injury happening again and again.

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The Align-Pilates C1R Reformer is a groundbreaking commercially warrantied machine that has great features to improve the core muscles and develop your flexibility. Lots of people use these machine to improve their body shape and efficiency. For example, professional football clubs like arsenal will use this for their players to improve many parts of their fitness aspects. This machine has 5 different springs to help make the resistance easier or harder depending on your own preferences. With this machine, there are thousands of different exercises that you can do to improve strength in different areas and these can be done standing up or sitting down. The silent ropes make no noise if they hit against the metal making your workout peaceful and stress-free. When this machine is shipped 95% of the work is already done for you to reduce time and stress when initially setting up. This is designed for people with small amounts of space. The useful vertical storage system is helpful if you don’t have a lot of space or want to change the exercise to do floor exercises. The metal used for the runners is aluminium this makes the machine lightweight and easy to move around the room. The runners them self are as close to straight as possible which makes the platform slide smoothly and comfortably.


Key features of the Align-Pilates C1R Reformer

  • Light Commercial Warranty – perfect for studio or home use.
  • Space Saving – can be stored upright.
  • Generous 100.5cm of carriage travel and comfortable 58cm (W) x 85.5cm (L) carriage.
  • Highly adjustable – 4 spring bars, 4-foot bar and 4 rope heights.
  • Aluminium runners for smooth and maintenance free operations.
  • Ships 95% assembled and ready to use.


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