86 Inch Vitesse Olympic Weight Bar and 80Kg Olympic Weight Set


These are the massive weight plates and barbell you see on the TV when you’re watching the professional weightlifters lift those awesome weights, those very large weights are Olympic sized weights and that’s exactly what your buying here the big Olympic weight plates and Olympic sized barbell to go with it, you get 4 x 2.5Kg, 6 x 5Kg and 4 x 10Kg that’s 14 Olympic size weight plates to go on the Olympic sized barbell (long 86 inch bar) which is also included.

You can mix and match the weight plates on the bar putting any number of plates on the bar up to the maximum number of weights in the set (14 Olympic weight plates included, 7 plates on each side of the bar) with a total weight of 80kg that’s 176lbs or 12.5 stone of course these weight plates are mix and match, put whatever number of weights you want on the barbell as there’s lots of weight plates in the set.

The barbell is a standard sized Olympic barbell with a bar diameter of 51mm to fit the standard sized Olympic plates with a hole diameter of 52mm so you can use this Olympic weight set with any other Olympic barbells or weight plates that you may have and they will all fit together.

The barbell has handles and the familiar spring locking of the plates onto the barbell (standard Olympic size plate locking mechanism) the plates have a cross rib for extra strength so they will survive dropping again and again and the extra thick hole area ensures that plates smashing against each other will not damage the Olympic plates in any way.

The Olympic plates are made from cast iron and have round edges so you won’t hurt your hands on the edges, the weight of the plate is embossed on the plate (raised) so its easy to read the weight size and the plates are painted in a tough black paint that won’t flake and won’t chip.

The Olympic bar and weight set is delivered free of charge so you won’t have to pay for these big weights to be delivered to you

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  • Chrome finish 86″ bar with secure spring locks
  • 80Kg Olympic Weight set
  • Comfortable hand knurls
  • 28mm dia hand knurls
  • 51mm dia head