The 10cm soft massage ball is a versatile easy to use self-massage product. Easy to clean and store, the spiky massage ball can be used to gently treat muscular aches pains and discomfort and is widely recommended for use during rehabilitation post-accident and/or injury.

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Relieve tension and muscle pain with 66fit 10cm Spiky Massage Ball (Soft)

The 10cm soft spiky massage ball is a simple proven multipurpose tool ideal for gentle pressure point type self-massage – perfect for home use and compact enough to carry with you.

Gently roll the therapeutic massage ball in a circular or rocking motion, applying your preferred amount of pressure onto the affected area thereby increasing blood flow to encourage healing, loosening tight knotted muscles and relieving tension.

Alternatively place the ball between your back or shoulders and a hard surface eg. floor or a wall again using circular or rocking movements. The soft spiky ball is particularly effective for use on shoulder and neck areas to help relieve neck tension and reduce tense stressful headaches. It is also the ideal choice for sensitive back areas which require carefully controlled and moderate massage stimulation.


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